The Leadership Centre of Central Alberta is a unique organization that gives individuals the opportunity to develop their leadership potential. Our programs integrate practical skill development and time to practice the new learning, all within a supportive environment. Our curriculum is specifically designed and delivered for adult learners who are committed to developing their leadership skills.

Our goal is to have a diverse group of current and emerging leaders. We welcome applications and inquiries from anyone who is interested in becoming part of a network of informed community leaders.


A strong and vibrant community of inspired, effective and passionate leaders.

Mission Statement

To enhance leadership effectiveness of individuals within all sectors of our community.

History of the Leadership Centre...

On June 8th, 1999, fifty community leaders from the business...

 “The Leadership Centre’s mandate is to develop the leadership capacity both in the individual and of the organizations in Central Alberta. This is what makes The Centre relevant and vital to the development of our community. Its strength lies in bringing diverse sectors together in making our region the best community to live, work and play!”
Kristine Bugayong, Chief Executive Officer, Red Deer & District Community Foundation

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Leadership Programs & Services

applications for the 2018/2019 programs are available

The Leadership Centre is committed to offering programs and services for the development and enhancement of leadership skills.  The Centre offers three levels of the Leadership Networks courses. Participants are not required to start with Leadership Networks 101; instead, work with us to determine which Networks program is the right fit for you!

 "It doesn’t matter where I go in my work throughout the community, I can always tell the people who have been through Leadership Networks – they are the ones out there, they are making a difference." 
Former Mayor: Morris Flewwelling

The Leadership Networks program is not your typical leadership training program. What makes us unique?

  1. Quality Curriculum and Facilitators
  2. Capacity Building
  3. Community Based
  4. Diverse Participants

Through Leadership Networks, emerging and established leaders are immersed in a leadership experience that goes beyond the simple acquisition of information, knowledge and skills. Learning is enhanced by hands-on activities and builds on resources that currently exist in Central Alberta by turning our community into the classroom.

Learn more about each LEADERSHIP NETWORKS individual program