From our Alumni

  • Stephen Brosinksy

    "Leadership Networks has assisted in the development of my leadership skills and taught me how to continually build upon them. The program has allowed me to network with great leaders and provided an opportunity to interact and learn from them. My eyes have been opened to what is going on in my community and increased my connectivity and awareness."
    Stephen Brosinsky, 

  • George Berry

    "The success of any business is directly dependent on commitment, training and drive. The Leadership Centre embraces these exact qualities. Making the commitment to the Leadership Centre is making a commitment to success. The tools and training that are provided right from the start are assets to any company, organization or individual."
    George Berry, 
    Berry Architecture & Associates Ltd.

  • Robin McKay

    "Developing leadership skills is a journey that includes understanding self and how your methods affect both the people you are trying to lead and those you collaborate with. The Leadership Networks program has helped me to grow and develop as a leader by providing me with information, opportunities to learn from successful leaders in our community, and an environment to practice and receive supportive feedback."
    Robin McKay, 
    Energy Effects

  • Kristina Oberg

    "Leadership Networks is about finding the leader inside and bringing that forward. You are challenged to learn and practice leadership skills with the support of others on the journey with you. It has been a great experience."
    Kristina Oberg, 
    City of Red Deer

  • Stacey Carmichael

    "As a participant in the Leadership Networks program, I personally gained a lot - my confidence and skills flourished. The Leadership Networks program allowed the non profit sector to encourage the hearts of all the participants, who then went on to their organizations and sectors to do the same. The various community projects have also contributed to the non profits capacity as well. Red Deer and Central Alberta are truly better places because of this program."
    Stacey Carmichael, 
    Safe Harbour Society

The Leadership Centre of Central Alberta

Established in 2000, The Leadership Centre is a not-for profit leadership training organization committed to its mission to “create a stronger more vibrant Central Alberta by developing leaders with the capacity to meet current and future challenges of the region in the business, government, not-for profit and community sectors”. If you would like to develop skills in strategic planning, team building, facilitation skills, effective communication, negotiating skills, thinking creatively, networking and much more ~ then The Leadership Centre is the right training organization for you and your company!

“The Leadership Centre’s mandate is to develop the leadership capacity both in the individual and of the organizations in Central Alberta. This is what makes The Centre relevant and vital to the development of our community. Its strength lies in bring diverse sectors together in making our region the best community to live, work and play!”
Kristine Bugayong, Chief Executive Officer, Red Deer & District Community Foundation

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We are looking for volunteers to assist on the various committees for the Conference as well as volunteers to assist during the Conference.

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