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Quality Curriculum and Facilitators ~ Our presenters/facilitators are leaders in their field who share a passion for teaching and learning and the development of leaders within our community. The curriculum is current and responsive to the needs of each Networks group.

Capacity Building ~ Leadership Networks builds capacity at an individual, organizational and community level. The skills and knowledge acquired through our learning days are put to the test by challenging participants to:

  •  Set monthly goals to reinforce and practices their new skills and knowledge
  • Complete individual projects to stretch and hone their abilities on a personal level, organizational level as well as at a community level
  • Work together as a team to complete a community initiative (what a great way to practice and apply skills learned throughout the program as well as give back to our community!

Community-Based ~ We use our community as the classroom! The participants gain leadership skills and knowledge through interaction with and in our community. Using the community as a tool means that participants are exposed to the real issues faced by leaders in our region. Participants have the opportunity to learn from and network with some of Central Alberta’s foremost leaders.

Participants ~ Each Leadership Networks class includes individuals from the private, public and not-for profit sectors offering a rich, diverse blend of perspectives as we explore various leadership theories and techniques.

Leadership 101

This course is designed for front-line staff or those who are beginning to develop their personal leadership skills. 


Includes all learning days, meals, retreats, etc.

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  • What is Leadership?
  • Understanding your Personal Style: how it effects how you lead/influence others
  • Communication Skills: listening to understand others & speaking so others will listen
  • Focus With a Purpose: planning, goal setting, life balance
  • Creative Thinking: stretching your comfort zone and seeing things from various perspectives
  • Presentation Skills: how to engage your audience
  • The Power of Networking and Knowing your Community
  • Facilitation Skills: how to lead a group through a variety of learning processes
  • Personal Accountability: increase your credibility

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