What makes a great video?

1. Introduce yourself and your race mate (name, age, what school you're from), and describe your personalities. 

2. What do friends say about you?

3. Talk about THE AMAZING RACE! Why would your team be good at racing around the city? 

4. What skills do you have that you have seen on the show that would make you a possible part of a winning team (SPORTS, ATHLETE, TALENTS...etc)

How to apply

A video submission is required to apply. For instructions on how to upload a private video to YouTube, click here

Be sure to refer to our suggestions for video content when creating your video!

Once your video is uploaded, fill out a waiver, and then fill out the application form when we have opened the application process. Be sure to complete your waiver in advance as well.

Have questions? Email us at office@theleadershipcentre.ca!

How we are selecting

We will be reviewing all submissions and selecting teams to participate.

Only applications submitted before the cut-off date will be considered.

Application must be complete, including a completed waiver form uploaded with application.

Our decisions will be based on:

1. Applicants are in teams of 2 and are both 15-19 years of age

2. Passion - show us that you're excited 

3. Originality 

4. Diversity 


You can now submit your application for review!

Be sure to review the selection criteria before submission. Complete your waiver to attach when the application form is available. Assistance with uploading a video for submission can be found here. Good luck!

Fill out my online form.