Dr. Henry Cloud


When you get to the limit of your performance, how do you find more?

There is always an “other” person on the other side of success or failure. All the elements and strategies of leadership are important, but it’s the connection of the people that drives performance.

Leaders, wake up every day asking yourself “Where are we today?” Assess how your team can live in the corner of real connections to maintain clear vision.


  • There are Four Corners of the Leader’s Universe
  • Leaders should lead through the corner of real connections
  • If individuals are not fuelled by real connections and accountability, standards and accountability become an enemy to them
  • The human mind cannot take the negative without a bedrock of positive


Dr. Henry Cloud is an acclaimed leadership expert and best-selling author. He draws on his experience in business, leadership consulting, and his practice as a clinical psychologist, to impart practical and effective advice for improving leadership skills and workplace performance.

Dr. Cloud has written or co-written over twenty books, including the best-seller Boundaries, which sold over two million copies. In 2009, Integrity was identified as "must read," and in 2011, Necessary Endings was called "the most important book you read all year." Dr. Cloud's work has been reviewed by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Publisher's Weekly, and Los Angeles Times. He also co-hosts the nationally syndicated radio program, New Life Live!, which is broadcast in over 180 markets.

In his leadership consulting practice, Dr. Cloud works with Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike. He has an extensive executive coaching background, and experience as an organizational consultant, devoting the majority of his time to improving leadership capabilities of CEOs and their executive teams.

As a clinical psychologist and businessman, Dr. Cloud established and operated forty successful medical facilities across the western United States. His experience running a business of this magnitude lends credibility to his expertise on leadership matters in the workplace.

Dr. Cloud lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Tori, and their two daughters, Olivia and Lucy.


Chris Barez-Brown

Building Connection Through Creativity

As leaders, we want to inspire and we want to lead with great heart, but more often than not we find ourselves stuck. We find ourselves too busy or too overwhelmed to enjoy what’s in front of us. We find ourselves lost in our subconscious rather than consciously thinking.

The trick to being a leader with great heart is to get off of autopilot. We are creatures of habit. Our subconscious will always choose the path we’ve chosen before.



•Breathe better. Take a deep breath. Calm yourself. Take a moment to pause and let go of the busyness that often consumes us

•Have fun. Laugh, giggle, smile. Let loose and enjoy where you are

•Check in with yourself. Ask, “What’s needed here?” and “What’s needed now?”

What areas are you leading on autopilot? Where do you need to stop and take a moment to enjoy where you are?


Chris Barez-Brown has been unleashing the creative potential of worldwide organizations including Nike, Coca Cola, Diageo, The Gates Foundation, Sony and WPP. He is a master of metamorphosis, challenging and transforming businesses through embedding Creative Leadership as part of the DNA of the culture.

He founded Upping Your Elvis in 2009 driven by the belief that everyone can shine more brightly. His personal passion is releasing human genius and he is wholly committed to making this planet a shinier and more fulfilling place for everyone in it.

Chris is the author of How to Have Kick-Ass Ideas, a best-selling Harper Collins book. His second book, Shine – How to Survive and Thrive at Work published by Penguin, was recently lauded “Business Book of the Month”. His third book Free – Making Work, Work will be published in 2014 as is expected to further shake up our view of how we can be even more extraordinary in business.